Hello everyone~
Today I'd like to present to you a new idea of a event.
This event is about a very special number we will reach in a few days/weeks.
It's about the 1000 dragons, and what better way to celebrate this number than making an event?
This event will be consisting of 3 parts :

  • Limit Breaking Island
  • Dragon Collection
  • Tournament of Masters (Different from the regular tournaments that give gold, food, orbs, etc.)

Alright, now let's discuss each part.
The Limit Breaking Island will be like the Global Challenge type, or old events type where you have to fill a bar for each reward by doing different missions
The rewards for this event are :
atleast 2-3 new Dragons
Explosive Dragon
Infinity Dragon
Anniversary Dragon
Hope Dragon
Impassible Dragon
Dainty Dragon
Freespirit Dragon
C,R,VR,E and L Chests that contain 20 orbs of a random dragon
Food : 25~50~75~100~300k
Gold : 100~250~500~1000k
Gems : 5~10~15~20~25
Decorations ,give ideas for designs in the comments :
Memorial of Power
Tree of Infinity
all of them mean the support and love we have shown towards Dragon City ❤

Dragon Collection :
The dragons needed for this collection are :
Supernova Dragon - Obtainable from tournament (not ToM)
Crest Dragon - Obtainable from Videos
Anniversary Dragon - Obtainable from Limit Breaking Island
The reward for completing this collection is the Super Star Dragon !

Tournament of Masters
The tournament will consist of 6 stages each having harder enemies every stage :
Stage 1 C : Clarity Dragon, Chainmail Dragon and Mace Dragon
Stage 2 R : Rockfeller Dragon, Stressed Dragon and Tiger Dragon
Stage 3 VR : Joke Dragon, Wacky Dragon and Touchdown Dragon
Stage 4 E : Dark Angel Dragon, Runner Dragon and Master Dragon
Stage 5 L : Reaper Dragon , Durian Dragon and Arsonist Dragon
Stage 6 H : High Fenrir Dragon , High Octane Dragon and High Zephyr Dragon
Each stage from C to H will have a certain difficulty to make the Tournament more exciting:
C : Dragons will have 5 stars
R : Dragons will have 4 stars
VR : Dragons will have 3 stars
E : Dragons will have 2 stars
L : Dragons will have 1 star
H : Dragons won't have any stars, instead they will be 5 levels higher than the rest
All Dragons : Will have skills learnt and Level 30 (w/o H)
Final Reward : Decoration - Cup of Masters, 30 gems, 500k Food, 1M Gold and the Valiant Dragon

I hope this event gets to the Staff's ears and maybe make it ❤
Thank you for your attention, have a good day~! mic drop