Greetings, Monster Masters!

As we mentioned on the start of the current Season 37, where we already deployed a first batch of improvements, we would keep on monitoring the evolution of the Multiplayer mode and keep track of all your feedback in order to have the best competitive experience.

For that reason, we announce you that, starting on 30th November, we’re releasing an additional set of changes to improve your Multiplayer experience:


Matchmakingprocess has been tweaked to present you with opponents which are closer on their total trophies, and therefore more balanced.

This was affecting especially players on higher leagues, where the Multiplayer mode was matchmaking them against the very elite, and therefore they couldn’t compete properly.


We increased the amount of trophies obtained on Attacks, while at the same time decreased the ones lost on failed Defenses.

This means that now - for all leagues below Legendary 3 - if you win all your attacks but lose most of your defences you’ll still get a positive trophy balance and be able to progress.

As opposed to the previous balancing, that would either keep you stuck or make you slowly go down on the rankings.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and we’re looking forward to get your feedback.
We are committed to keep on monitoring the Seasons and release any further tweak is necessary until you have the best Multiplayer experience!

We encourage you to send us your ideas and feedback in all our social media platforms.
Thanks for your participation!