Hi 🙂

I tested my moderation tools and noticed the following

1-There is no merge option ! however we have fork one now ..... usually we need merge option more

2- i got an error when trying to move a post to already existing topic ,, i got error message saying """ Topic does not exist "
But moving whole topic to new category works fine

3-when moving topic to right sub-category there is no "" Redirecting link ""
this will make beginner post again in the same wrong section as they will thought their post is deleted or something

In old forum we leave a redirect link for 1 day ,, so if the poster visit again within 1 day he can follow his post easily

4-There is no topic tools option in unread or new posts sections


so if we had some spam later we will have to go to each sub-forum section to do our moderation

@Moderators @carlosescura