Hi. Don't know is it the right place to post about my problem.
On the 1st of Dec. I was checking the task offers in monsterwood. I opened a offer and the game just blocked and kicked me out. After that i logged in again and saw that i have only 24 gems and earlier it was 84. I checked everything to see if i accidentally bought something for 60 gems, but didn't find anything. Contacted support and they replied this:

Hello Monster Master,
Thanks for contacting Monster Legends support team,
I checked your contacting game account and found that you have purchased battle items 5 times using 12 gems each on 1st of Dec in the game. Hence, there were gems deductions in the game.
I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us for any further question and concerns. We are happy to help you.

I mean who buys battle items anymore. I don't!
I know 60 gems aren't much for some but for me that's much since i don't buy gems, just collecting them from the game and sometimes tasks.
So please what can i do to get them back?