We all know about Master Points. We all know about upgrading skills in Training Center.But also we all have a favourite main team,backup and random favourite dragons.My ideea is to introduce a new thing...VETERAN POINTS.For each batle won with same dragons that 3 dragons will get 10 veteran points.At the end,that points will be used to updrade skills. For example : After you train a dragon to have "Roteling Spell"," Eartquake","Magma Storm" and "Hypnosys" this will be the finale moves.But...with VETERAN POINTS you will be able to continue training.Example : "Roteling Spell Lvl 1,2,3,etc". But...if your dragon have lvl 30 for example,you will be able to have skill lvl only lvl 30 max. If your dragon have bigger lvl,your lvl skill can grow.BUT...VETERAN POINTS will not be easy to use. For example : If you want to upgrage your " Roteling Spell" skill +1 lvl you must use 100 VETERAN POINTS. Higher lvl you want to upgrade the skill,a lot more VETERAN POINTS you will must use.
This ideea i think is great 🙂 Im sory for my bad english and...i hope somebody understanded the point of ideea 🙂