YO . . . this is NOT AN IMPORTANT suggestion especially with all the modifications that you're doing thanks πŸ˜‰ but i wanted to ask it

emmm I really like DC but I’m also a mythical creatures lover . . . dragons first of course but the rest of them as well

and sorry but when I see a were-wolf or a griffin or bird/cat/dog like . . . like high spirit, high snow, ozone, cat/dog -kun etc etc . . . I can’t really call them dragons πŸ˜›

so I was thinking it would be better to add β€˜β€™ H.B β€˜β€™ before the β€˜β€™ dragon β€˜β€™, it will mean half blood dragon >> like β€˜β€™ High Spirit H.B Dragon β€˜β€™ or β€˜β€™ frozen-wolf HB Dragon . . . and thanks