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Dear Community,

Here's some exclusive information for you, Dragon Masters! Next Top Arena will be a challenge for all! Are you ready to know why?!

If you want to rule the next Seasonal Arena you may want to start… feeding and training your Common Dragons! They are going to be the stars of this Season!!!

Check out the dates, rules, & rewards below that are coming up for the brand new... Common Master Arenas… It will last 1 week only!

  • Dates: Dec 10 - Dec 17
  • Arena Rules & Trophies
    • Arena 1: Requires Common Rarity; Terra and Flame attack boosted & 10,000 trophies
    • Arena 2: Requires Common Rarity; Sea and Nature attack boosted & 11,000 trophies
    • Arena 3: Requires Common Rarity; no boosts & 12,000 trophies


Common Master Arena REWARDS:

  • TOP ARENA 3:
    • Top 10 players:
      200 Orbs of the Katsumoto Dragon + 1M food + 1M Gold + all other Arena rewards!
    • Top 11- 50 players in the Ranking Rewards:
      1M food + 1M Gold + all other Arena rewards!
    • Top 51 - 100 players in the Ranking Rewards:
      1M Gold + all other Arena rewards!

That's all for now! Time to get your dragons ready for the upcoming season!

What will be your dragon dream team this time? 😉

Have a great day and see you all back on the islands!