Samael’s undying legions continue their campaign of terror as the Legions of Good struggle to contain the threat. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and the Leaders of the Legions of Good have stumbled upon an ancient and dangerous secret.

According to ancient tomes, a being of immense power, and only referred to as The Soul Hugger, used to terrorise the land, feeding on the souls of the living. He was eventually defeated and torn into several pieces that were carried away and hidden. He now dwells in hell, corrupting Soulfagi to let him feed on the souls they shepherd in the realm of torment. If the Legion’s suppositions are correct, it should be able to put a stop to Samael’s powers of resurrection and hopefully give them an edge in battle. The power of this ancient creature is still unknown, but it’s a risk they need to take and they need your help and strength to collect all the parts and bring this monster under your control.

Once you manage to collect them all, you will need to venture into the the depths of hell to challenge the ancient monstrosity. Are you ready for the challenge?

The books include a rare account from Esthirel, where she mentions her efforts to try and track him in hell. She seems to have stumbled upon his deals with the Soulfagi and proof of this could be found in her dungeon. Soul Hugger lost his head when he found out.

Legend says that the Soul Hugger and his allies also faced off against Gold Ra, but was eventually defeated, where he lost a few of his allies and his ability to fly in the battle.

An ancient monstrosity could not surface without involving the Ancient One. Venture into the Cthulhu’s realm in search of a valuable container and a way to return the Soul Hugger’s power of flight.

Hyperion’s coding seems to resonate with one of the volumes. Although he technically has no soul, some Soulfagi might have tried to capture one anyways. From what we found in his dungeon, they were far from successful, even leaving some icons behind with the fallen.

Two brothers hide in a fishy maze. Head out in their search to find more valuable parts.

Time will work against you, if you wish to get into his head and find the Soul. It will definitely be a challenge.

Don’t over-work yourself though! Why not relax and take in a movie or two?


10/12 - 16/12/18 - Find 25x Soul Hugger pieces in events in the game (5x Soulfagus skull, 5x Soulfagus vase, 5x Soul Hugger Skull, 5x Soul Hugger Wings, 5x Soul).

15/12 - 20/12/18 - Possibility to buy chests containing some pieces.

16/12 - 20/12/18 - Soul Hugger’s Torment Progressive, face the final challenge and unleash The Soul Hugger! ( To access the progressive you need only 5 pieces of each)