The winter is come to an end. All of the dragons are ready to welcoming the spring by planting crops. But the only problem is the ice can not melt, the weather is still cold. The heroes of the winter can't stabilize their power. You must summon four fairy dragon in order to moderate the power of heroes of the winter.

There are 4 dragons to be collected

  • Lithos Dragon (Epic) (Terra, Flame, Electric, Dark).
    Fairy dragon who can run fast and can stabilize soil condition.
  • Hidros Dragon (Epic) (Sea, Ice, Metal, Pure).
    Fairy dragon who can swim and dive. She can manage water circulation on the dragon city.
  • Bios Dragon (Legendary) (Nature, Dark, Light, Pure).
    Fairy dragon who can heal and grow crops.
  • Atmos Dragon (Legendary) (Metal, Water, Flame, Legend)
    Fairy dragon who controling the weather.
  • Photos Dragon (Legendary) (Light, War, Electric, Legend).
    The fastest fairy dragon who manage light intensity.

There is a brand new collection Spring is Calling that give you Legendary Dwarf Dragon

There will be 2 island event where you can get the fairy dragons orbs.

AAAAANDD to end the story, there will be a brand new Heroic Race: Song of Spring with the brand new High Chromos Dragon (Fire, Nature, Light, Primal).
A little heroic flaming fairy dragon with 8 wings ready to release her power.