Hello Monster Masters!

Wall of text incoming! 😉

We’ve been having some internal discussions on how to improve our Leagues system, as well as the Team Wars matchmaking.

So far, we’ve identified the following issues:

  1. Due to differences in matchmaking time, we cannot guarantee that all Teams will have the same number of Wars in a season, even if they are all extremely active.
  2. Due to the unpredictability of matchmaking (along with other variables), we also cannot guarantee that teams will have close matches all the time, which results in different amounts of Trophies gained throughout the Season for Teams that are very close.
  3. Due to the gradual decrease of volume in top teams, the matchmaking time will increase throughout the season, leading to less Wars per Season.

We have been discussing potential solutions to the issue - most of them inspired by the discussions you’ve been having on Discord.
1⃣ Solution #1 - Manual Wars with Matchmaking Improvements
As we’ve done in the past few days, we would continue tweaking the matchmaking parameters to ensure higher quality matches, as well as improve the system to prevent matchmaking cancellations and resets. This would not solve all our issues, but would help mitigate and minimize them.

2⃣ Solution #2 - Scheduled Wars
This solution implies making a schedule for Team Wars, which means that Wars will happen (roughly) every 2 days for everyone, with a small interval between each War (to allow teams to rest). Players would be able to opt-out of the next War, giving teams the option to “rest”. This would have many positive impacts: we would have every single team in the matchmaking pool at the same time (higher density), we could tweak the matchmaking system to be more similar to the Team Battlegrounds (which would allow us to guarantee closer and fairer match-ups) and we could guarantee the same number of Wars per season for every team in the game.

So far, we’re focusing on these two approaches, but we want your opinions and input to help us choose between both solutions or to determine if there’s some middle-ground that we can achieve between both of them.

Please, let us know what you think, which of the two solutions you prefer and if you have other ideas on how to solve the above-mentioned issues.

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