Here’s a new monster idea!

Name: Bassilisk.

Description: Ever since Bassilisk left his tribe to take a “rest” from the all wars and stealing his tribe did, he decided its time to change. He started to help out helpless monsters and even started to stop the crimes of his own tribe too! He and Deadwolf will soon be partners in crime

Stats(level 100)

Power: 3,458
Speed: 3,345
Life: 30,586

Elements: Special, Magic

Books: Good legions,Adventures,Families

Skills(down below)

(Skills group 1)
I am not a criminal! (20 physical dmg) That’s not nice! (Deals 30 magic dmg) Bullseye! (Deals heavy special dmg to all targets and Activates cooldowns And stuns enemy)

(Skills group 2)
Stop it!(Deals moderate magic dmg,dazes target) I am not a criminal! (Total blinds target and does 30 magic dmg)

(Skills group 3)
I am not a traitor!(Gives evil legions hater and 1 extra turn to Bassilisk) Old tricks(Steals life from target,also does 50 dmg) Trigger finger (Total blinds and does 60 dmg to all enemies)

(Skills group 4)
Old friends (Heals all allies by 25%) No need for violence! (Stuns and Deals 50 dmg to a target) How bout tomorrow? (Gives evasion to all allies,doubles and applies taunt to self)