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Dear Community,

Want to make your Dragon stand out from the crowd? Well, we introduce you to Dragon Skins! 0_1544452126341_ic-skin-badget.png

0_1544452803585_Untitled Design (26).png

Gradually, we will be offering skins for different dragons, for this update (Version 8.8) you will be able to obtain some magical Christmas skins for the following Dragons!

Yeti Dragon Christmas Skin (Collection Event)
Pine Dragon Christmas Skin (Collection Event)
Ice King Dragon Christmas Skin (Collection Event)

Want the very 1ST Heroic Dragon Skin?

What? Yes!!!!! Make your High Winter Dragon look more powerful than ever with the 1st ever Heroic Dragon Skin!

Now available for the High Winter Dragon (On Lap 24 of the Heroic Race)!


How can I obtain Future Skins?

All obtained Dragons will now have the following Skins:

  • Baby skin

  • Young skin

  • Adult skin

To apply them you will need to make sure the Dragon is an adult.

More skins coming soon...stay tuned πŸ™‚

How do I apply the new Skin to my Dragon?

So you are ready to stand out Dragon Master!

You can apply your obtained skin for your Dragon via the Dragon Profile Page (where you feed your Dragons).

  • Dragon Profile Page

  • Skins Tab, and tap which skin you would like to apply

Once you have obtained the skin you can apply it to all Duplicates of that Dragon πŸ™‚

0_1544452846678_Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 15.32.00.png

My New Skin is not showing on my Dragon!

To apply any NEW Dragon β€œSkin” you will need to update your game to Version 8.8

Also, please note, that the Dragon must be an adult.

NOTE: This feature will be coming soon to PC (Facebook) if you collect the skins they will be available for you once the feature is live on this platform.

Happy Holidays and see you back on the islands!