Hello, everyone.
Today a bring a suggestion to create legendary versions of our beloved common monsters.
The legendary versions should have an improved appearance. They are unique among their common counterparts. I tried to keep the same skills of the common versions with some superfitial improvements.
They will be available through breeding using the Joker Family (Galante, Violet and Galant Jr) with Tem War Monsters. A breeding with a General has more chances to result in an "ultra common" (10% chance to obtain the same element and 5% to obtain of a differenct element) than with a pet (10%) or with a bodyguard (5%).
The "ultra commons" may be a nice feature to the game since they are breedable and could help the players to have a great variety of monsters to "Terrotory Wars" and future events that can demand a lot of monsters.

This versions have new traits that are suggested in this post.

Read this post to see my suggestions to habitats improvements.

Hope you like.

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