Considering Eeltron is a pure pay monster it’s pretty weak and needs a buff.
His stats aren’t bad, being only a little below Faraday (except life, 45K life at 120 isn’t very good)
His move set needs some rework, he’s an attacker but his AOE Attacks are WEAK even with both effects. 30 dmg is terrible and drown+shock is only 20% health (same as burn), 40 dmg is not good either. His strongest single target attack is 55 dmg who’s he gonna kill with that? He also has no dmg buff moves.
Laying Odds is a 55 dmg AOE, almost all new attack monsters have 45 or 50 dmg AOE now. Even freebie Uria’s pet has 50 dmg AOE and massive dmg single target attacks to help his low life.
So as he is you have a monster with low life that needs 2-3 rounds to kill opponents, longer if they remove effects. I guess that’s why he has an essence slot? Cuz you’re gonna need 2 lives to kill anyone.