After talking with a lot of players from the community about the unusual amount of Special Skill appearances and their massive effect on battles, which was leaving too much to luck rather than to skill; so the team looked into this matter in order to find solutions.
Therefore, we want to communicate the changes that we are going to make in order to improve the balancing and experience of the Special Skills.

These changes will be live at the beginning of January.

This is the list of improvements.

  • Right now, on every turn, there's a 5% chance of a Special Skill appearing.
    This chance will decrease from 5% to 3%, so overall there will be less Special Skills triggered in the game.
  • Also, it will be less likely to get Special Skills on turn 1, and we won't have multiple Specials on a quick succession.
    The chance of getting a Special Skill will begin small and grow progressively each turn until it appears, in which case they will reset again (incremental probability).
    i.e. on turn 1, the chance will be 0%, on turn 2 it will be 1%, then 2%, then 3%... and then they will remain to be 3% until a special skill appears, in which case it will start the cycle again.
  • Finally, Extra Turners won't be able to have an outrageous number of Special Skills, because with each consecutive turn the chance will be smaller.
    This handicap will reset as soon as they end up combining turns.

We hope you like these changes, which we make to bring more fun and fairness to the battle system while still keeping the Special Skills as something relevant.
Remember that these changes will become live at the beginning of January.