In this timed challenge you must get as high laps as possible without teams,

So you will be The main rewards are:
1 Legendary and 400 gems for first
300 Gems for 2nd
200 Gems for 3rd
100 Gems for 4th - 50th
50 Gems for 51st - 500
25 Gems for 501st - 5000th
1 million Gold for 5001st - 20,000th
200,000 Gold for 20,001st - 100,000th
25,000 Gold for 100,001 - 200,000th

Lap Requirement for rewards:
You will need 10 laps to get rewards.
The Player with the most laps wins and must be in the requirement range 200,000th or below for awesome easy rewards.

You must do Very Easy Quests like
Collect gold breed UC to Rares No Epics or legendary breeding or hatching.
Collect Runes and more feed and collect food.
These will last 4 days.

You may put different rewards in the comments!