The title was just to get your attention but we are kinda being robbed.

According to the link above, speeding up hatching for eggs that have less than 10h left should be (number of hours left +1) * gems meaning you should pay 9 gems for a monster with 8h left to hatch. Furthermore, the description on the link goes further to tell us that hatching a Rockilla should be 2 gems( Rockilla has less than 1 hour hatching time), however, I have always been charged 3 gems to speed up a hatching with less than 1h left.

A recent reply also told us that the more we speed up hatching, the less gems would it cost us- the cheaper would it become to speed up hatching as seen in this link here :

If any other changes were implemented, please link them in the comments. While I didnt take the reply very seriously, we are still being robbed according to the first link and the current speed up hatching cost for monsters.

Feel free to drop your thoughts on this!