Could you please make it so when we have a shield active, and we attack someone, that it doesn't instantly take our shield away but instead gives us 5 or 10 minutes of a time-out zone so we don't get attacked immediately.

Right now it's almost impossible to grow points in PVP because every single time I make an attack to gain 24 points, by the time I'm back to the screen to choose my next battle I already lost 20 points. So I attack again and the same thing happens. This results in making 3 attacks to gain only 12 points total due to losing instantly the moment I attack.

Just a little bit of breathing room is all I ask. 5 or 10 minutes so I have a chance to make all 3 attacks and perhaps gain 72 points while losing 20 points. That would net a gain of 52 points, which would actually feel like it's worth my time spent to see some actual progress for my effort.

As it stands now, it's pretty pointless and seems like a waste of time since I'd have to be 100% winning all my attacks and even then it would take me a week just to gain 100 points.