If you had an experience that soured you towards the game related to gambling based offers, what was it?

For me, I got close to finishing the current limited time polar book final chapter and only needed frostbite, of all things. The top freezers chest came up and for about 280 cells I had a possible 1 in 7 chance to complete it. Given the reward for the chapter, it was worth a few chests.

Needless to say, my first five chests were all frostwrath. At that point against better judgement I started getting more desparate to justify the cost, already close to $50, and thought if I could get a lucky roll it would warrant what I spent up to that point. It wasn’t rationale and the past costs were already sunk, but gambling isn’t about rationale thought. With another $50 I had 2 cavenfish, a chill bill, and a few others. Still no frostbite. I had to pull the rip cord, and this was after spending $50-$100 or more to acquire the other monsters for the book. It was a problem - my problem and my choice, to be clear - but I should have known better.

Luckily I have enough disposal income that $100 isn’t a game changer for me, but it sure did leave my stomach tied in a knot, used up and with that sinking feeling as I had to face what I had paid, in real cash, for a chance opportunity for virtual goods that was dangled in front of me. Aware of the psychology behind “just one more roll” and still walking headlong into it made me feel physically ill. I don’t mind spending in a game, but that will hopefully be the last time I spend on a gambling based offer.