Hello everyone.

We received an incredible amount of feedback about the last Race, the Winter Citadel Team Race, which included Shademoon as the top reward.
Since this Race was special, duration wise, we wanted to make sure it was fun, but challenging, with the great reward of a Rank 5 Monster at the end with. However, it didn't turn out as expected and the Race was more challenging than intended.

We assure you that we carefully read and gathered all your comments and opinions and we understand the frustration that this last Race caused. For this reason, we would like to address some of the main pain points that you brought to our attention.

Monster Information

We know how important it is to have as much information as possible about the Monsters we release.
For that end, we are thinking about new ways to show stats, traits and skills directly inside the game, even before the event starts.
This might take some time to be implemented in-game. In the meantime we commit to show reliable and detailed information about Race’s Monsters through our social channels (Update Section, Forum, Discord, Facebook).

Quest Progression

We’ve learnt from previous race’s experience and we will do our best to release a smoother and less frustrating quest/node progression for all our future Races!

We thank you for your patience and understanding and hope to see your feedback on all our social channels.