Here is my suggestion for fixing the overpopulation issue. Clearly, adding capacity to the habitats and adding islands is a non-starter. Instead, I suggest adding a new, empty, "continent" complete with its own set of islands. This is not an expansion of our existing territory that we scroll to but instead we load a new space, much like visiting other players territories. There will be no hardware concerns because this new continent is loaded only when we travel to it. Max monsters loaded on any given continent is 90 habitats X 4 monsters

How the mechanics would work

  • new continent can be purchased only when all current islands are purchased AND the monster vault is purchased
  • The monster vault becomes the "monster portal" and is prepopulated on the new continent
  • The contents of the monster vault/portal is identical no matter which continent is being viewed providing a method of moving monsters between continents. View the portal/vault -> select monster -> move
  • The cost of the new continent can be discounted based on the number of vault slots purchased, as a good will gesture to players already heavily invested in the vault
  • Because the vault acts as a portal, there is still a benefit to unlocking, or having unlocked, slots to make shuffling monsters easier. Developing players can still use the vault knowing they will get a discount later.
  • this solution is scale-able. Once the monster count climbs past 720, 2 continent capacity, add another continent with more islands to populate.

If SP is feeling generous, they could also provide us with more boosts and farms now that we have more space available (and breeding trees and hatcheries :D)

On the flip side, the cost to unlocking islands could be exceptionally expensive, say $500M or $1B, to encourage players to fully develop their starting continent before being able to move on, or the instant gratification method...

Imagine how happy the high level players will be to let all their monsters out of the vault. Those monsters will be super happy for a breath of fresh air. Players will be happy that the solution doesn't crash their crummy old phones. So much happiness.