You know how every weekday we have 2 monster dungeon and 2 cells dungeon well I think we should update the monsters in there and the breedable legendaries and the monsters or just have 2 more dungeons at the same time ok well here are the new dungeon monsters and their legendaries by element
Fire- Tulekahju (Pyrotech+ Firesque) I think Tulekahju should be the legendary as he is a good fire monster and because firelequin is a very bad monster
Nature- Oikawa (Invidia+ Koarim) I think this monster because he is a very good tank and I am surprised I haven't seen him.
Earth- The Warrior (Cybele+ Growler) Jack of all trades as he can deal damage, apply effects, boost himself and boost his allies
Thunder- Tempest (Semargl+ MC Boss) useful for his group stun and good damaging attacks
Water- we already have a blob
Dark- Harusami (Rorcal+ Daganth) powerful with life steal and a group stun
Magic- Mr Scratch (Soap Sam+ Mothman) an annoying little nuisance so um maybe I should change it
Light- Globrush (Lepu+ Eburwin) he is a nice attacker with blind and burns
Metal- Jakugan (Armole+ Mecharasu) good life steal and bleed
this is the new monsters i want to see breedible in the near future as they are all of these monsters will be in the dungeons