Sooooo basically I’ve come up with an idea of buying cells for elemantium or elemental cells instead of gems. Essentially what this mechanic does is that you can buy 1 cell of a monster for 1 elemantium or elemental cell. This outclasses the “3 gems for 1 cell” mechanic in the current state of the game. Let’s say I want to buy 1 cloud cell for 1 elemantium (or elemental cell, which ever you prefer). I will get 1 cell for a lesser price!!! (Probably, since elemantium is the rarest resource in the game). $P please add this mechanic in the game so players don’t have to spend 120 elemantium or more to get 1 monster to get a monster ranked (If u didn’t get it, I meant that you don’t have to spend a bunch of elemantium on a monster ranked with 0 cells).