At the Monster Legends team, we’re working to surprise you with new and exciting features... This time we want to introduce you the Treasure Cave!
The Treasure Cave is a new source of rewards, accessible once per day to all players. Some of the biggest prizes of the game (Elementium, Elemental Cells, Gems, ranked-up monsters, high-level runes and relics...) await inside, yet only for the bravest and lucky of the explorers.

How does it work?
The Cave is composed of a series of Treasure Rooms. In each room, you’ll be able to choose among four Doors, each of which contains an awesome prize which will be stored in your Treasure Box.

At any point, you may choose to leave the Cave for the day, and collect everything you had stored so far in the Treasure Box.Or, alternatively, you may want to keep on advancing further for greater rewards.

But beware, some doors may contain a deadly Trap! If you find a trap, you’ll be able to leave the Cave… but all the loot on your Treasure Box will be lost… 😧

To help you on the way, every few rooms you’ll find a risk-free Bonus Room. No chance to find a Trap there and they have even bigger rewards!

And if you’re up for a challenge, in rooms 30, 60 and 95 are insane Big Treasures waiting for you. The Big Prizes change every day, so make sure to come back often!

Also, remember that you’ll need version 7.7 and be at level 3 or higher to explore the Treasure Cave!

Are you brave enough to find the Treasures? 😉