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Dear community,

A new way of unlocking and collecting dragons is heading to Dragon City.

With our Dragon of the Week Challenge, you will be able to claim new and powerful dragons just by interacting with certain elements of the game.

How does the Dragon of the Week work?

  • For 6 full days, a new dragon will be announced as the Dragon of the Week.
  • Once the event starts, you will be able to start claiming tickets
  • Claim this tickets by interacting with different areas of the game, for example:
    • Competing in the island events
    • Temporary Quests
    • Video-ads
    • Shop

(Also, as a little bonus, the tickets themselves can be used as decorations, in case you want to show them off to those visiting your island.(

  • Once you have claimed 40 tickets, you will be able to exchange them for our dragon of the week.

When the event ends, we recommend holding on to any leftover tickets for possible future events. Whether itโ€™s keeping them in storage or to brighten up your islands as decorations, selling them is not recommended.

That's all for now, Dragon Masters!

Stay tuned on our Social Media pages for more information in regards the first Dragon of the Week!

Have a great day and see you back on the islands. ๐Ÿ˜‰