Runes are mutating so get ready for some crazy combinations! Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s coming in the near future.

  • You will be able to combine normal runes to make new mutant runes which boost 2 stats (i.e. Strength & Stamina).
    This will open a new set of strategic opportunities: Such as adding Life Runes and still keeping a bit of Team Speed boost, or improving a bit the Stamina of your attackers while you boost their Strength.

  • To keep the runes strategies untouched and balanced, runes will only be able to have 1 mutation.
    On top of this, there won’t be overpowered mutations like Speed+Strength or Strength+TeamSpeed, and obviously, the mutation can’t be of the same element.

  • To mutate these runes you will need a recipe! This means no randomness, but rather you will need to have a specific combination of runes (which will require less than 4).

  • Don’t be scared though, normal runes will be as relevant as Mutant Runes, since the main boost won’t increase.
    A Mutant Life Rune V with a Strength mutation will grant the same Life Boost of a Life Rune V (+54% life), but also add a small boost to Strength (equivalent to a Strength Rune I).

  • You are not satisfied with your mutant rune? You will be able to split Mutant Runes back into runes that you mutated it with and try different combinations.

  • ONLY the Mutants Runes will be possible to level up to level XI and XII.
    These levels won’t increase the “main” effect of a Rune X (i.e. Rune Speed XII will grant the same Speed Boost as a Speed X ) but only slightly increase the secondary effect (up to an equivalent to level III or IV Rune).

  • Last but not least. The price for rune unequipping will stay the same!
    So unequipping runes XI and XII will cost the same as runes X.

We hope that you are as excited as us to try out new strategies and equip your monsters with some shiny new equipment!

Feel free to let us know what you think about Mutant Runes either in our Forums or on our Discord server.