Hi guys ~

I'd please like recommendations on a good attack and defense team.

Currently I have:
Metalhead, Octex, Thorder, Draza, Vadagma, Ouros, Rocigon, Firelequin, Fenrir, Darkzgul, Greedy Dragon, Ingenica, Cryotan, Vodyanoy, Lord of Atlantis, Worker Hulk, Nemestrinus, Petro Loa, Voltaik, Exo Skeel, Timerion, Burotgor, General Thethys, Francine Frank, Nebotus, and Captain Copperbeard.

I'm currently level 79 in game, with level 6 runes. I have more than enough food at the moment to level up any legendaries to level 100, and also to upgrade relics.

I follow the skill/moveset and runeset from the Monster Legends Competitive Wiki, however other move recommendations will be appreciated.

I'm currently in the Champion 3 League.

At the moment I'm using:
Attack: Timerion, Voltaik, Octex
Defense: Fenrir, Ouros (rank 1), Metalhead (rank 1)

At the moment, the attack team is either a hit or a miss, I either win easily or loss in two turns.
Defense is holding up, but I still feel like it could improve.

I'd really appreciate any advice, thank you ~