Greetings, Monster Masters!

We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 7.7.4 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to:


Dungeons will be more challenging now as the monster level will adapt to your monsters level!


  • Damage Mirror
    Damage Mirror will never miss when returning back damage.

  • Damage Mirror + Skill Mirror
    A monster with both mirrors will reflect the damage received AND the skill casted.

  • Daily goals pop up won't be triggering with every login.

  • Fixed crashes for some players due to Premium Pass pop up.

  • Life battery improvements while playing the game.


Extra Turn Skills VS Anticipation
Skills with extra turn will automatically be discarded if an enemy has anticipation; unless there are only extra turn skills or the skill kills the anticipator.

Example: A Voltaik with full Extra turn skills will NOT fear an anticipator
A monster that has an extra turn skill (for ally or self) will fear anticipators and will avoid the extra turn skill.