Tittle is pretty self explanatory but, recently monster legends on Facebook released this picture:


So it got me thinking... What if you can choose skins for your monster?!?

Now hold on... before you think this is pay to win...

Ways you can achieve skins:

  1. levels: every 5 levels you gain, you get a special level exclusive skin for a random monster.

  2. Duengons: new duengons where you can get different skins for different monsters

  3. Pvp: Get a certain rank (bronze,silver,gold,etc...)
    And each season is a new skin that can be achieved for a certain monster

Now, if you get a skin for a monster you don’t have, well then there will be a option to sell it..? (In inventory)

Some more way to get skins: Team war shop, chest rewards, purchasing chests, skin shop, and other events..!