there is one monsterlegend youtuber that i watch and his name is ArmorGaming, the reason wy i watch him is because he is different then the other ml youtubers.
instead of just playing the game with no voice what so ever, armor is the only one who actualy analyisis the monsters and talk about there skills and whats the best thing to do, he has a great personality and he even live streams most of the time.
to make things short: he realy cares about his fans.

after analyzing every monster there skills he became an trully powerfull monster.
erik used to be a normal being but now he is unstoppable, how can you defeat someone if he can predict all your movements.

power: 3610
life: 38000
speed: 3500

Element: special-special
books: superhero, adventure, goodlegion, dragon, mechanic

gives immunity to possesion
SC: blind (to the enemie team)

analyse and judge: removes 40% of total life from the enemy team aplies bleeding and daze

group 1,
chapter 1: aplies daze to all enemies
ST: 13 CD: 0
nobody can tough me: aplies evasion to it self gives it self positive removal block
ST: 25 CD: 4
Earth elemental: aplies stun to target gives it self stun immunity
ST: 28 CD: 1

group 2,
meh trait: disables trait from target deals 30 dark based damage aplies possesion to target
ST: 29 CD: 3
im the real dragon: aplies dragon hater to it self gives it self one extra turn
ST: 29 CD: 3
sorry elivera: removes positive effects from all enemies deals 50 magic based damage to target enemy gives target stun
ST: 34 CD: 2

group 3,
extra turn is not allowed: gives anticipation to allie gives allie 100%stamina
ST: 30 CD: 3
mirror shield: gives allie skill mirror and 50% damage protection
ST: 38 CD: 2
maybey to op: gives allie 100 special allie will die after 2 turns
ST: 80 CD: 7

i know that there will be an argument about his last skill.
so ask you if want me to keep that skill or to change it and if so what do you want instead.

anyway i hope that ml is gonna give armor is own monster, maybey it will not be mine but as long as armor gets his own monster im happy because he deserves it more then anyone else