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Dear Community,

First of all, we would like to thank you for the feedback you shared with us, especially in the forum!

Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, the team has been working on some instant improvements that will be in the next Dragon Rescue event. It is also important to mention that the team will continue working on further improvements and balancing. We are still considering your feedback and suggestions, and a lot of it will require further development time, so rest assured, we will continue polishing the event further in the future.

List of Improvements:

  • The cooldown times have been slightly reduced in all paths.
  • Food rewards have been increased in all paths.
  • We will have 5 different KEYS. -> Available from the beginning of the event!
  • Quests: They will start at the same time as the Dragon Rescue event and will last for the entire duration. Keys will be available as a reward.
  • A Temporary path in the Abyssal Island Event will start at the same time as the Dragon Rescue event and you will be able to obtain keys along with Food.
  • The Hard Path requires keys that will be available in the easy and medium paths.
  • Keys will be available for purchase in the Shop via offer packs.
    During the first 2 days of the event, Video Ads will offer Gold, Food, and keys.

Don’t forget to check out our “Dragon Rescue Event FAQ” -> HERE

That’s all for now, Dragon Masters! Get ALL your dragons ready for the rescue mission!!

See you back on the islands.