Hi everyone!

If you follow our Social Media you may have noticed that we will be releasing Vault Keys! This is the perfect chance to increase space for your Monsters!

We know that you've been asking for this for a very long time and since its currently difficult to add new islands, we had to come up with a different solution.

We hope you will like it! Below, you can find a bit more information about them.

The Vault Keys

  • Open slots in the Vault.
  • To open 1 slot you'll need 5 Keys or Gems.
  • Unlocks on level 70 (as well as the Vault).

❓What happens when I am already level 150?
We will be giving keys retroactively. This means that if you are level 150 you will get 400 keys.

❓What happens if I've already managed to unlock all the slots in the Vault?
There will be 80 more slots available so you can spend your keys.

❓Where can I get more Keys?
Keys will be given as a reward for each level up after level 70.
They will also appear in the next Monthly Calendar.