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Dear Community,

A new Heroic Race is around the corner! It’s time to unveil the PRIZES that are waiting for you in the upcoming Heroic Race: Superheroes!

This Heroic Race is also a bit special, as we will also be running our first Heroic Race Challenge, where everyone will compete against each other to complete the most number of laps. You can find more info on the event HERE

  • Dates: It will run from Thursday, March 7th to Monday, March 18th.
  • 3 very Special Rewards to claim:
    • 1 new Heroic for your collection: The High Super Dragon!!
    • Lap 20: Heroic JOKER ORBS!!!
    • Lap 24: Heroic High Super Dragon SKIN!!!!

As usual, in order to be eligible for the event rewards, please remember that you will have to REACH LAP 5. If you achieve this number of laps, you will unlock the prizes and, depending on your final position in the ranking at the end of the race, you will be able to get the following rewards:

1st place:
The Heroic High Super Dragon (New!!)
Legendary: The Usurper Dragon
Epic: The Camouflaged Dragon
Very Rare: The Wave Dragon

2nd - 3rd place:
Legendary: The Usurper Dragon
Epic: The Camouflaged Dragon
Very Rare: The Wave Dragon

4th - 8th place:
Epic: The Camouflaged Dragon
Very Rare: The Wave Dragon

Please keep in mind that if you finish the race in first place and have completed at least 15 laps, you will only receive 1 Heroic High Super Dragon, not 2!!

And what about the Special Rewards? For this new race, we have added many more rewards! We will have REWARDS at the end of EVERY LAP! Check out the list of ALL the rewards you can get NOW!


  • Reach LAP 2 : 20 Rare Orbs
  • Reach LAP 3 : The Chobby Dragon!!
  • Reach LAP 4 : 15 Gems
  • Reach LAP 5 and you will QUALIFY for the race prizes + 20 Very Rare Orbs
  • Reach LAP 6: 20,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 7 : 15 HEROIC ORBS
  • Reach LAP 8 : 50,000 FOOD
  • Reach LAP 9 : 75 Nature Tokens
  • Reach LAP 10 : 20 HEROIC ORBS
  • Reach LAP 11 : 100 Light Tokens
  • Reach LAP 12 : 25 HEROIC ORBS
  • Reach LAP 13 : 100,000 Food
  • Reach LAP 14 : 20 Legendary Orbs
  • Reach LAP 15 and win the brand new Heroic High Super Dragon!
    (Note: You may have to wait until the end of the race while our system checks and verifies your position, but don’t worry, we will do it!)

Would you like to complete an extra mile? Take the challenge, keep racing until the very end of the Heroic Race to GET THE TOP BEST RACING MASTERS! Your effort will be rewarded! Reach the following laps and get these prizes:

  • Reach LAP 16 : 150,000 FOOD
  • Reach LAP 17 : 100 Tokens of each Element!
  • Reach LAP 18 : 20 Legendary Orbs
  • Reach LAP 19 : 200 War Tokens
  • Reach LAP 20 : 20 HEROIC JOKER ORBS!!!
  • Reach LAP 24: High Super Dragon SKIN!!!
  • Reach LAP 50 : The Ultimate Chest!!!!!
    • 100 Gems
    • 1,000 War Tokens
    • 4* 25 Heroic Orbs
    • 1* 100 Legendary Orbs
    • 5M Food

That's all for now, Dragon Master! It’s time, go and race until the end! And don’t forget to check out the Heroic Challenge Race info page!

Happy racing everyone & see you on the islands!

Heroic Race TIPS

  • The higher the rarity of the dragon, the higher the chances of getting a point for your breeding mission.
  • The higher the amount of FOOD and GOLD, the higher the chances of getting a point for your Food and Gold missions.