Hello everyone and welcome to my 3rd analysis, this time featuring Crissandre.

Crissandre is the "final" reward of the Battlemages Maze, and is one of the best Magic monsters released to date. She has amazing stats- 31k Life and 3498 Speed coupled with 3432 Strength is something to behold. On top of that, she has an AOE Stun move, which is a blessing for Magic monsters who often don't have Stun immunity. She also has a 65 Base Power single target move that activates all CDs on the target and an AOE 45 Base Power Bleed and remove positive effects, and on top of all that, the Hardened trait. Too bad the Maze is almost impossible to complete in 17 days, though she will most likely be given out as cells after that.

-Lovely Touch
-Time Breaker
-Ymur Curse
-Curse Cleaner/Null Advantage

Runes: 3 Speed/ 2 Strength 1 Speed
Lovely Touch has a very good 40 Base Power and is an AOE Stun, which is amazing for a Magic monster. Time Breaker deals great damage to its target and activates all CDs on said target- a perfect move to use against other Magic monsters or something very tanky like Ouros. Ymur Curse has the golden 45 Base Power for AOEs, applies Bleeding to all targets and removes all positive effects on said targets. The last moveset is a toss-up between Curse Cleaner for more utility, or Null Advantage for better chances against monters that activate CDs. 3 Speed makes her faster than most monsters and allows her to use Lovely Touch before they move- I recommend you to get Curse Cleaner in the last slot in this runeset. Another alternative is to make her a secondary denier by giving her 2 Strength and 1 Speed, which makes her hit very hard.

Teammates: Crissandre is a very strong pick in any team due to the fact that she is above the average Speed for monsters and thus can be used as a denier, or you could have another fast deny monster and give Crissandre 2 Strength 1 Speed, since Stun isn't the best deny out there. Depending on Crissandre's role, you could grab another way of immobilizing the enemy- a fast one or a slow one in order to immobilize the enemy one before they move, and once move after they move. For offensive strategies, The Keeper can make all enemies weak to Magic attacks, so you can use one of your AOEs to finish the battle in one or two blows. As for Team Wars, Crissandre is probably the best Magic monster there is due to her amazing Speed and AOE Stun, which not many Magic monsters are immune to. 3 Speed would usually be better in Wars due to this reason.

Countering Crissandre: In general, look for monsters who are immune to Stun, and aren't punished greatly by Time Breaker. Discobolus is a strong counter; not only is he immune to Stun, but his moves have no CD, and he can gain Shields to protect himself from Crissandre's strong attacks.