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Young O’Reilly was tired of fighting with his older brother Lagerchaun over the same pot of gold. That’s why he decided to go looking for a little extra gold in new places other than the end of the rainbow. He started digging holes in the ground and finding little gold nuggets, but then, one day, he found something big that he wasn’t expecting: the Dungeons!

When O’Reilly discovered the Dungeons, they were like a little fighting club where monsters went to earn some resources like Food, Gems, and the one that O’Reilly wanted the most: Gold! He started playing and fighting. He wasn’t great in the beginning, but he got the hang of it soon and he quickly became one of the biggest attractions of the Dungeons and top monsters started to come to the Dungeons to fight each other, but also to meet the great O’Reilly.

At this point, he wasn’t doing it for the Gold anymore - he was there for fun. He was such an expert that he could pull little tricks out his sleeve and outwit the toughest rivals from the highest leagues, but the place had become so popular that all the monsters were having a tough time getting a spot in the fights. Thankfully, O’Reilly had an idea to solve the problem and put a new spin on things: He invented something new, battles with rules and restrictions. Ever since he started this massive revolution, O’Reilly is considered something like the Designer of the Dungeons!