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Dear Community,

Our #DragonCityStory event returns as the dragons need your help to rescue Kenny once more! #BringKennyBack #again

Little Kenny has found 5 armors that look like a perfect fit for his friends, the Relic of Life Dragons. Unfortunately, he has found himself in another spot of trouble and will need your help. Check out the story HERE.

Dragon Masters! Help us restore the Relic of Life Dragons, recover the Relic armors, and lead them to rescue Kenny from this mysterious Darksteel Dragon.

Bring Kenny Back again!

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NOTE: Don’t miss the #KennyRescueMission video on our Youtube channel HERE

Remember the Relic Of Life Story? Check it out in the following link ->

Event Timeline

  • Part 1 (March 19 - March 26)
    Summoning & Empowering the Relic Of Life Dragons! Collect the Orbs of the RoL (Relic of Life Dragons).
    You will be able to find Orbs all over Dragon City, for example :
    • The Relic of Life Event Island
    • Temporary Quests
    • Freebies Island
    • Dragon Card Packs (DCP)
    • Alliance Chest
    • Warrior Chest (Arenas)

  • Part 2 (March 26 - April 2):
    This Dragon Rescue Mission will require the RoL Dragons to complete it!
    Go through this adventure, complete all the steps, and defeat the evil Darksteel Dragon. However, Darksteel is a very tricky mastermind and he will force you to complete all 3 paths in order: First easy, then medium, and finally the hard path.
    Rewards: If you manage to complete this event, you will claim for your collections:
    • 5 special Skins (armors) for the RoL Dragons
    • The new Darksteel Dragon
    • And of course, Kenny, the Burglar Dragon!

Super Exclusive Information for You

The key to success lies in the first part of the event, so don’t take it lightly!

During this period is when you will be able to collect Orbs for the RoL Dragons, which are a requirement to finish the Dragon Rescue Mission. It will be extremely challenging to finish without the help of Empowered RoL Dragons.

New Dragon Rescue mechanics:

  • The paths need to be completed in order.
  • Cooldowns have been reduced.
  • Different chests for each key, so you know which one they contain.

That’s all for now. We really hope you find this information useful and it helps you understand and have a better overview of the #KennyRescueMission event!

It’s time to #BringKennyBack #again Dragon Masters!

Good luck and see you back on the islands.

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