Greetings, Monster Masters!

Dr. Viktor has been working on his secret project for the past few weeks and he's finally ready to reap the success!
Since he invented Elemental cells, he always wanted to do something more with it, also he was running out of Legendary test subjects!


MC Boss did a horrible mistake one Sunday evening. That day he was in a surprisingly good mood, so when he was passing by the Lab he was blasting the speakers of his boombox. At that time MC Boss hadn't realized it'd have horrid consequences.
Unfortunately, for him, Dr. Viktor wasn't exactly in the best of moods. He snatched poor MC Boss from the streets and shoved him in the Extraction chamber to silence him! Fortunately, for us, this sparked an idea for Elemental cell improvements.
Thanks to Dr. Viktor and his unpredictable hunger for experiments you can enjoy the following changes starting this Thursday, March 21st.

  • When Ranking a Monster in the Lab you will be able to use Elemental cells the same way as Elementium.
    This means that you will be able to use Elemental cells to rank a Monster up without any Monster cells.

  • You will be able to extract Elemental cells from Epic Monsters as well!
    Since Epic Monsters have 2 elements the extraction process will give you either element with a 50:50 chance.

  • Have you ever had an insufficient amount of either Elementium or Elemental cells to craft or rank up a Monster?
    From now on you will be able to combine Elemental cells and Elementium when crafting or ranking up!

  • You’ll also get an Elemental Cells bonus if you extract a ranked-up Monster.