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Dear community,

The brand new Trade Essences are here. Keep reading and find out more information about these new Essences:

What Are the Trade Essences?

Trade Essences are a type of resource and they allow players to exchange specific dragon Orbs with their Alliance members. There is a definitive Trade Essence available for each type of rarity.

When Is the Trading Hub Unlocked?

The Trading Hub will be unlocked in the Tree of Life as soon as you join an Alliance.

Where Can I find the Trading Hub Menu and View On-going Trades?

Once unlocked, there are two ways to trade:

  • A new tab inside the Tree of Life, where you can create new requests.
  • The Alliance Chat, where you can see the list of requests that have been posted by your Alliance or use the New Trade Button to be redirected to the Tree of Life.

Trades in the Alliance Chat? How Will That Work?

All trades created by an Alliance member will appear in your Alliance chat. From the chat, you will be able to accept trades created by your teammates or cancel trades that you created.

We have also added new filters to the Alliance chat, so you can choose to see the chat and trades, only the chat, or only trades.

0_1553003082646_trade tokens new_1.png
How Do We Use Them?

First, you need to be part of an Alliance as trading Orbs is ONLY available with your Alliance Members.

You can create a new trade request by using 2 Essences or by accepting a request posted by another member of your Alliance by using 1 Essence (Same for all rarities!). Remember: You will only be able to create one request at a time, but you will be able to interact with other trade requests as long as you have the necessary Essences.

When creating a new trade request, you can request whichever Dragon Orbs you wish, just as long as you possess at least 1 of its Orbs.

Trades will be linked to a limited duration timer that has several effects:

  • If the timer expires on a request before anyone accepts it, the request itself will expire and you can request a full refund of Essences and Orbs, just with the click of a button.
  • If the trade is accepted before the timer expires, you will not be able to post a new trade request until the full time expires. (But you will still be able to interact with other alliance member trades.)
  • If you cancel a trade request, the timer will reset and you will receive a full refund.

What is the Trade Essence limited storage?

You can only store a limited amount of each Trade Essence by rarity.
If you receive Essences that exceed the maximum limit, they will be converted to resources such as Food or Gold.

  • Note, this limit doesn’t apply to Trade Essences that you purchased or got back from a refund. Purchased or refunded Essences will temporarily go over your maximum limit until used.

How Many Orbs Can I Trade with 1 Trade?

The number of Orbs exchanged in a trade depends on their rarity:

  • Common Orbs: 15 Common Orbs
  • Rare Orbs: 10 Rare Orbs
  • Very Rare Orbs: 10 Very Rare Orbs
  • Epic Orbs: 8 Epic Orbs
  • Legendary Orbs: 6 Legendary Orbs
  • Heroic Orbs: 5 Heroic Orbs

Can I Trade Right After Joining an Alliance?

There’s no restriction for players who are new to an Alliance. However, you won’t be able to trade if you have left another Alliance in the previous 12 hours.

What Is The Icon Placed over My Dragon Orb Icon?!

It’s what we call the Ownership Indicator. To make a successful trade, first, you need to know which Dragon Orbs your alliance members have. You can always ask in the chat first, but we wanted to help you out by showing you a quick icon of how many people might own those Orbs. You will be able to see them placed over each Dragon Orb when creating a new trade request.

It’s very simple to understand and functions like a traffic light:

  • Red: Very low ownership
  • Amber: Medium ownership
  • Green: High ownership

This will help you in a pinch, but we always recommend that you chat with your alliance members first. After all, cooperation is everything!

Notifications in the Alliance Chat

You’ll notice a new notification on the chat button, a blue exclamation mark informing you that a new trade has been posted in your Alliance chat.

Right, Love It! But… How Can We Get More Trade Essences?!

Keep playing Dragon City on a regular basis!

Trade Essences will be available in various game events, such as islands, Heroic Races, and more.

That’s all for now, Dragon Masters!

Don’t forget to check your island, feed your dragons and start trading Orbs for the Dragons you are aiming for!

Have a great day and see you back on the island.