I have been playing for a little while and the game looks awesome and I will be addicted for a while. But as I continue to battle every day I can only imagine how tedious the battles will get.

I am fully aware that this suggestion is a copy from other games but it could be an easy adjustment for the Developers to make the banttles a bit more fun.

The core 3 monsters you take into battle can each have 3 Aides. An aide is simply another monster that you have ranked for better stats but essentially the main battle monster would gain stat increases and....best part the Trait from the Aide is transfered to the battle monster. With this I would be using 12 Monsters out of the 620 available versus today only 3.

IMO from the back seat, all SP would need to do is add another screen similar to runes and relics but only you select from a list of your monsters. Stats are db driven and enhanced on the field the same as team runes etc...

I am sure a few experts would give some great examples of amazing battle teams... can you imagine having Ragnarok as an Aide to Charmless.

I know this would make epics battles but would also give us reason for collecting ALL and multiples of the Monsters.

BTW, SP I will take payment in apples. 🙂