Habitat space is a precious commodity in Dragon City. As your collection grows, so does your need for more habitats to place your Dragons in.

However, haven’t you noticed that a lot of the time, your Dragons aren’t even at their habitat? While they’re off training, rebuilding towers, or involved in dangerous missions, that precious space sits there unused… Well, not for long!

Introducing a brand new service for Dragons on the move: Air DnC!

Now your dragons will be able to rent out their space to other dragons in need! Your Dragons will now have access to a new in-game app where they can post when their habitat will be available for other dragons before going on an extended leave.

Dragons waiting in your hatchery will receive a notification in their app and be quickly informed if a habitat for their element becomes available.

Air DnC will have several benefits for our Dragon Masters as well such as:

  • Dragons managing their own bookings, so it’s all automatic.
  • Increased Gold / min thanks to the extra rent income.
  • If Dragons leave positive reviews you will receive a Gold / min bonus.
  • Decorations will increase the chance of positive reviews.
  • No extra purchases necessary as Dragons already own a phone to install the app in.

Sounds good?

Want to see it in action?
Then click on the link below to see our demo in action!