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Dragon Masters!
Do you know what happened in April? That’s right! Dragon City turned 7! Our Anniversary Event is almost here, and will include dragons as rewards that were voted on by YOU, the community! We’ll also have fan favorites returning, like our Easter event, a new Heroic Race, and one of the cutest puzzle islands you’ll ever see.

So, let’s jump in and have a look, shall we?

Events Overview:

  • APR 4 - APR 11: 7th Anniversary Event
    New Dragon: The Baker Dragon

  • APR 11 - APR 15 : Epic Odyssey: Dragon Rescue
    NEW Dragon: TBC

  • APR 11 - APR 18: Chibi Puzzle Island
    NEW Dragon: Chibi-Chum Dragon, Chibi-Chomp Dragon, Chibi-Churl Dragon, Chibi-Chief Dragon

  • APR 18 - APR 23: Easter Island
    NEW Dragons: The Delivery Easter Dragon

  • APR 23 - APR 26: Arctic Tower
    NEW Dragon: Arctic Dragon

  • APR 26 - MAY 6: Heroic Race: Eternity
    NEW Dragon: High Eternal Dragon

This month we will also be offering other special Temporary Quests, new Skins, and special Breeding Events! For the special breeding combinations, be sure to check the game Breeding Event Island or our community sites! 😉

There will be many offers coming as well, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need!
Like every year, we’re really looking forward to our Anniversary events and are very excited to be able to include dragons chosen by you, the players. Make sure to share your thoughts with us!

See you back on the islands!

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