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The team at Dragon City is always looking for new suggestions from our players to incorporate into the game. This time around, they’ve been working on bringing back an old favorite: The Reward Calendar is finally coming to mobile versions of Dragon City!

Each new day, as you log in to take care of your dragons, you will get a free reward to help you along the way. It’s a simple concept and most of you will already be familiar with it.
You will also have a calendar to help track which rewards you’ve claimed and which ones are coming up that month.

Streak Bonuses

Consider yourself an active player? Does Dragon City often join you in your morning coffee? We want to reward our most engaged players with a little extra. Apart from the regular calendar, we will also be offering Streak Bonuses. Set yourself apart from the crowd and get extra rewards by maintaining log-in streaks.

On the side of the regular calendar, you will see your current Streak Bonus calendar. There you will be able to see your current streak and the total number of days you need to maintain in order to claim the final reward. Just be careful, miss a day and you’ll have to start all over again!

Facebook Welcome Back Calendar

As the new Reward Calendar will fill a similar role to those calendars already available in the Facebook version of the game, we will be removing the Welcome Back (only available to players after long periods of absence) and the Daily Help calendar, which were only available to certain players.

Overall, we hope that this will help streamline things a bit more and bring a much-requested feature to our most mobile Dragon Masters.

The new Calendar will be available in the game from April 11th, 2019 on.