When I click the profile of a player and see their defense team, sometimes upon doing the revenge fight I am surprised to see a team different from the one shown in their profile.

The answer in the past given was that the shown defense is what they had at the time they attacked me and they have since changed that defense. However, if this is true then how would it be possible for me to change my defense team and yet receive an attack against my prior defense team that was on 12 hours ago?

I hope I am asking this correctly because it's complicated. To try to be more simple imagine I have Cs as defense. All commons. I make attacks and later change to Ls and have all legendary defense. I take a break and the next day I see an attack that hit me but it hits my prior team of all commons. ?

Additionally, I was under the impression that revenge attacks don't drop your trophies. If this is true then why is my prior team being hit and having me lose trophies, not to mention that at the moment you do a revenge attack the other player may have his shield up.

I appreciate any insight or answers to this multi-layer question to help us better understand the mechanics behind pvp attacks, revenge attacks, and defense and trophies and shields.

Thank you.