Dear community,

Today’s announcement is bittersweet for the team.

In-game you will find a new permanent collection, the Homage Collection, which will grant you a brand new Dragon: The LilCricket Dragon.

This collection is incredibly special for us and we believe that for the community as well. As most of you will already know, last year we had to say farewell to someone who was integral and very special to the Dragon City community: LilCricket.

She was not only a moderator in our forums, but a pillar of the community, an extraordinary person, a dearest friend, and a passionate Dragon Master.

When news broke of her passing, a wave of support and condolences hit our forums in a way that was really heartwarming and unprecedented in our community. Ideas started to be thrown around on how we could pay homage to such a notable influence, and the idea of creating a custom dragon for her was born.

If you want to see how it all happened, check it out HERE

The amount of support and love shown in that thread still moves us to this day, as people were sharing memories and stories they knew about LilCricket (like her passion for pomeranians) to craft something that would truly represent her spirit in the game she loved. @Bathtubdoritos got the ball rolling with his initial “Pom Dragon” design:

0_1554972303118_Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.44.25.png

We were getting close, and a lot of the initial suggestions were starting to take a more visual form...

And then suddenly @Aleweck appeared with his incredible design:

0_1554972332740_Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.44.34.png

As you can see, this is pretty much the final design present in-game.

So, although it is a sad moment for all of us, as we revisit the passing of a dear friend, we do it with a light heart as we are able to offer all of our Dragon Masters something that was truly community inspired and crafted, and most of all the hope that LilCricket will always a part of the game she loved.

Thank you LilCricket, this one's for you.

0_1554997254181_Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 17.40.22.png