Long ago, before the age of Dragon City, a world came into existence. In this world, there came to exist six primordial elements, each of which giving shape to the elements we see today.

Beauty. Magic. Chaos. Happy. Dream. Soul. The energies of these elements eventually manifested themselves as Dragons; the first Dragons to ever exist within this world. They are known to be powerful beings, but one of them rose above the others as the leader of them. This dragon became known as "The First Heroic".

Ancient Beauty, the creator of Nature and the Seas.
Ancient Magic, the bringer of Metal and Light.
Ancient Chaos, the controller of Darkness and War.
Ancient Happy, the embodiment of Terra and Ice.
Ancient Dream, the inventor of Flame and Electricity.
Ancient Soul, the First Heroic, existing as a conduit for Pureness and the Legends of old.

All 6 Dragons are said to be the originators of the Primal Instinct. What happened to them, you might ask? That question...may never be solved, not unless you, Dragon Master, can help them out. You must bring them back from the place they disappeared to, deep into the void of...the Ancient World.

The first five are Mythical VIP Dragons that players can earn with Orbs, while Ancient Soul, being a Heroic Dragon, would be available in a Heroic Race.