Hi, all!

We would like to update you on some changes we will do NEXT WEEK. We have been following closely your feedback on the current state of the Team Leagues and we decided it's time to act.

We have had several meetings considering all issues that were brought up by the community and we've evaluated all the pros and cons of different potential solutions. We will try to tackle them with the following changes:

Team Shop Rebalancing

First of all, we will improve the value of War Medals through a rebalancing of Team Shop items and prices. Team Shop will include level 8+ Runes of specific types.

Matchmaking Improvements

Additionally, we are going to carry out an improvement on the matchmaking formula so that it takes into account several factors. The goal is to drive alliances with high combat capacity towards fairer fights. We also plan on tackling top alliance matchmaking issues after we solve this one.

Rune Swap addition

We've developed a "Rune Swap" system. With this nifty improvement, you will be able to swap an equipped rune with a rune from your inventory at no cost, provided they are at the same level. Mutant runes and regular runes will be swappable as well. This new addition will be useful for any mid to high-level player as it's specifically aimed to elevate a pressure of the high costs for runes changing.

These changes will be live next week.
We will be very happy to hear your thoughts on this update in the forum or on Discord.