Hi, all!

In the last few weeks, we have been working hard to create great Team Wars!
You can find the improvements that we have carried out below:

Team Shop Re-balancing
In order to give you more and better options to spend your hard-earned War medals, we have made some changes to the Team Shop to improve the value of War Medals.

  • NEW Rune 8+ Chests of specific Rune types.
    Available from Legendary onward.
  • NEW Golden Relic Category Chest.
    Slightly cheaper than the current one and available from Champion league onward.
  • NEW Diamond Relic 3 Categories Chest
    Available from Champion onward.
  • The War VIP Monster Chest
    Will be available in all leagues.
  • Removing the Silver Relic Chest due to low popularity.


Rune Swap
With the introduction of Mutant Runes, Wars have become more strategic and teams are spending more gems to find the perfect Runes combination. We have developed a "Rune Swap" system to make your lives easier and cheaper. You will be able to swap an equipped Rune with a Rune from your inventory at no cost, provided they are at the same level. Mutant Runes and regular Runes will be swappable as well as long as they also share the same level.

Matchmaking Improvements
Some of the Team Wars matches that have been taking place recently had unfair differences in combat powers. We want alliances to be able to find challenging matches in all leagues, so we carried out improvements in the matchmaking system. Now matchmaking takes many more factors into account depending on the situation of the alliance instead of relying only on trophies.