Hi, Monster Masters,

A new Team Battlegrounds is approaching and will begin this Friday, May 17th!
This time, as we previously announced, things will be slightly different.

  • Players will have a limit of around 5 Defenses and 5 Attacks, so everyone in the team must contribute in order to achieve victory. This limit may vary with the number of players on the team, with the most important element being the fact that both teams are guaranteed to have the same number of Defenses and Attacks despite differences in the number of members.
  • The event will last 48h (instead of the normal 72h), with 24h for the Defense Phase and 24h for the Attack Phase.
  • There will be no Individual Rewards due to the fact that individual score ties will be much more common. To counter that, Heroic Orbs will be given out as Team Rewards, along with War Medals.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new format for Team Battlegrounds.
We’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!