Here are some of my ideas for traits . So I want to suggest the introduction of elemental traits that benefits specific elements and exclusive to those elemental.

  • Superhero : self immunity to possession and team immune to own elements. Some monsters eligible for this trait are voltaik, firestorm, cyan nathura , lux aura , dusk aura and maybe tesaday

  • Cloud control is a trait like status caster but this boosts damage from skills of specific elements and also introduce weather phenomenon on battle field

  • Summer heat : boosts damage from fire and
    light skills by 60% . Also
    increase dot by burn ,ignite and
    sunburn by 10%

  • Monsoon : boosts damage from water and
    thunder skills by 60%. Increase dot of drown , freeze and shock

  • Springbloom : boosts damage by nature by 60 %
    *Moonlight : boosts damage by dark and light by 60% . Increase dot of nightmare, sunburn

Other trait ideas

  • Lightspeed : doubles the speed of the monster at the star of the battle
  • Purge : at the start of the battle kills one random enemy . Does not work against immune to sudden death
  • Sacrifice : kills one random monster except itself and aquires the trait and stats of the sacrificed monster
  • Zombie : immune to control. Can only be killed by sudden death moves . When a monster with this trait attack a monster , it also becomes a zombie
  • Mastered : status effect have 40% less accuracy
  • Angel : immune to dark attacks . Does double damage against dark , underworld and evil legion monsters
  • Aerial : immune stun and eeth attacks . Also immune to quicksand
  • Breserker : increase attack by 50 %
  • Rouge : doubles the damage the monster . 10% chance of attacking allies
  • Fortress : doubles the life of the monster at the start of the battle
  • Rebirth: when the monster dies , it resurrects itself once with 50% life and stamina in a battle
  • King of darkness : all allies becomes immjne to dark attacks, possession and torture . Self double damage against light and good legion monsters . Exclusive to Barbatos