Hello everyone and welcome to my 208th analysis, this time featuring Hookuai.
Overview: Hookuai has a trait that is very desirable; immunity to Control on its own leaves just Stamina Drain and CD Activation able to prevent him from moving. However, Hookuai also has Anticipation, which adds a whole new layer to his threat level, making him able to deal with extra turn users, of which there are plenty. He has just the perfect tool for this too; if anything tries to use extra turns, they will be punished with CD Activation. Aside from his trait, Hookuai's Base Strength and Base Life are very impressive and are among the highest of all attackers in the game, while his Speed is not bad for an attacker. On top of all this, Hookuai has a move with 0 CD and 0 Stamina cost that also has 70 Base Power, making killing him the only way to truly stop him from moving. However, CD Activation and Stamina Drain force Hookuai to use just 1 of his moves, plus there are Monsters capable of removing traits, which makes Hookuai vulnerable to being denied - plus, he can still be Blinded, Dazed, or have other, non-deny effects applies to him. All in all, Hookuai is among the top tier attackers in the game and a threat to keep in mind in wherever he can be used.

-Deadly Interruption
-Meltdown Ray
-Claw Swipe/Power of the Deep
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Swords and Essences

Build Explanation:
Deadly Interruption is a Base 70 Water move with 0 CD and 0 Stamina cost, making it a very spammable nuke. Disempowerment deals acceptable Water damage, but more importantly it activates all CDs on target - this is Hookuai's biggest weapon against extra turn users to stop them in their tracks most of the time. Meltdown Ray is his highest damage AOE move that is also unresisted and applies Sunburn. In the last slot, pick either Claw Swipe for another AOE in case the first one fails to do its job, or pick Power of the Deep to get a boost in damage and Precision that cannot be removed. This move also brings about more interesting interactions thanks to its positive effect protection.
2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage output. 1 Speed can be replaced with Team Speed or regular Strength if you want since he has Anticipation, but this depends on the enemy team. The Mutant Rune options make him as tanky as possible to capitalize on his high Base Life.

Teammate Options: You can give Hookuai some important buffs like Evasion after he has used Power of the Deep to make him even more formidable. He is immune to Control, so you can use normally risky moves like Rage of Fenrir on him with no repercussions. Taunt/Mega Taunt casters, like Koralle Brutalis, are excellent partners to counter Warmaster Thalassa: she will need to use Plankton Eater on them due to the Taunt, but the extra turn will trigger Hookuai's Anticipation. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Hookuai: Taunt or Mega Taunt monsters paired with extra turn spammers prevent Hookuai from stopping the extra turn spammer. Removing his trait makes Hookuai much easier to deal with. A Rank 3+ Warmaster Thalassa utterly destroys him, as she can use Plankton Eater to disable his trait, give herself an extra turn without worrying about Anticipation, and Mega Freeze him in one go. For more Counter options, check out this article.